General questions


I have an office fax machine, why do I need ExtraFax Cloud?
ExtraFax Cloud routes faxes directly into your e-mail inbox and is therefore much more flexible than a physical machine, no more standing by the fax machine in anticipation of an incoming fax!
Faxes arriving in your absence don't get lost in piles of paper, they will be for your eyes only and can't read by anyone else. Additionally, with ExtraFax Cloud, incoming faxes may be filed or forwarded as with standard email and can also be deleted with no wasted paper.

We have a fax server at our company, why do we need ExtraFax Cloud?
A fax server does not necessarily solve the challenge of incoming faxes, if you do not have an 'inbound routing' feature then faxes are delivered to a human operator who needs to manually forward them to their intended recipients. This may add a significant delay before faxed reach you and might even cause an intolerable delay if the operator is unavailable. With ExtraFax Cloud every fax is directly routed to your desktop, with no delay.

I have a fax modem installed in my computer, why do I need ExtraFax Cloud?
With ExtraFax Cloud you don't need to purchase and maintain an additional phone line or to keep your computer running 24 hours a day.

Fax reception

How do I view received faxes?
With a standard TIFF image viewer, which comes standard with Windows or may be downloaded for other operating systems.

Is there a limit to the number of faxes I may receive every month?
No, you may receive any number of faxes per month.

Can my ExtraFax Cloud number receive several faxes at once?
Yes, ExtraFax Cloud runs on many phone lines, so your fax number is almost never busy.

Fax transmission

How do I know that a fax has gone through?
You receive a confirmation email or view your outgoing fax queues through the ExtraFax Cloud website.

Does ExtraFax Cloud perform retries before deciding that a fax has 'failed'?
Yes, ExtraFax Cloud performs between three to five tries.

Can I use ExtraFax Cloud with my Gmail/Yahoo/other webmail account?
Yes, you can use any type of email client, including web-based email services.

What type of attachments does ExtraFax Cloud support?
ExtraFax Cloud supports most industry-standard office packages.


Can I manage several users under one account?
Yes, you can manage an unlimited number of users under one account.

What kind of reports are available?
ExtraFax Cloud can send you automatic reports in a variety of formats at pre-determined intervals to control every aspect of service use by your users.


How do I add money to my account?
You may top up your virtual prepaid card by logging in to your account and navigating to the 'Account Managment' menu.

Am I charged for unsuccessful faxes?
No, faxes are charged only for successfully completed pages.

How am I charged for 'long' or large faxes?
Faxes longer than sixty seconds are billed per minute in six-second increments according to the per-page rate.