Encrypted fax - secure Internet faxing

ExtraFax Cloud provides a secure online fax service with strong encryption and TLS access. Our encrypted fax service can encrypt incoming and outgoing faxes while they are stored on our servers, and encrypt fax confirmations saved on our servers. ExtraFax Cloud supports the most stringent regulations for data security and privacy, which can help to comply with the American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  • Inbound fax encryption
  • Outbound fax encryption
  • Encrypted fax confirmation
  • TLS fax web service
  • Hidden destination number
  • Maximum security, HIPAA support

Incoming Fax Encryption

Our encrypted fax service can encrypt incoming faxes forwarded to you via email, via TLS or signed email (PKI). While this does not encrypt the transmission from your correspondent's fax machine to our fax servers, it does secure the contents of the message while in transit from our servers to your computer.

Outgoing Fax Encryption

ExtraFax Cloud can accept your outgoing fax documents via TLS, signed email (PKI), or TLS-secured email-to-fax, so that the content of your outgoing mail is secure while in transit to your servers. (Note that the fax transmission from our servers to the destination fax machine is not encrypted). For PKI, you initially obtain the ExtraFax Cloud public key signature (as a one-time action), after which you can encrypt your outbound messages.

Encrypted Fax Confirmations

You may choose to receive confirmations on fax delivery (for success, failure, or all transactions). Normally, these messages are sent in plain, unencrypted format. However, you can choose to receive these confirmation messages in encrypted format.

TLS Web Service

We enable TLS-secured communication to our Web Service servers via https://ws.interfax.net, so that private or sensitive fax data can be submitted securely.

Additional Security Features

ExtraFax Cloud provides a range of additional security features, beyond encrypted fax receipt and transmission:

  • Hide destination fax number - add an extra layer of security by hiding the destination fax number from the fax header.
  • User authentication – ExtraFax Cloud enables you to enforce access roles by authenticating users and operators of the online fax system with usernames and passwords.
  • Automatic fax removal – sensitive messages can be automatically deleted from our servers upon delivery. This ensures that no person, including ExtraFax Cloud customer service staff, can view sensitive information contained in your faxes.
  • Audit trail - our online fax service provides a full audit trail of faxes sent and received through our servers.
  • Physical security - all our servers are housed in secure environments, which can only be accessed by approved personnel.